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Steven Lumpkin (StevenLumpkin)


(None) Mar 19, 2014

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Sep 28, 2015
    1. Asurael
      Hi Steven, I've been meaning to tell you that I've noticed on the AMAs that you mispronounce Miguel's name, and I think you're the only one that does so. Basically the "u" is silent and you would normally pronounce it "Mee-Gell", not "Mee-goo-elle". I was wondering whether you knew this already and purposefully omit it to annoy Miguel a bit or whether he doesn't mind or whatever =P.
      1. StevenLumpkin
        You know, this is actually something I've spoken with Miguel about! The U in his name has an umlaut over it, which forces the pronunciation of the u- Mig-oo-el. He says he rarely corrects anglo speakers since the name is so commonly pronounced as you say outside of Quebec.

        So in fact... I'm the one saying it right! ;)
        Aug 6, 2014
      2. Asurael
        Huh, weird. Usually the dots over the U aren't written down whenever Miguel's name is mentioned, so I wasn't sure about it. Thank, good to know. =)
        Aug 6, 2014
    2. High_Adept_Zeth
      Greetings Steven Lumpkin.I bring greetings and warm tidings from the Machine God!How does thou fare?
      I`ve seen you in a couple of streams and videos on YT and i must say that i am impressed (its your accent!) and that i am glad that you know the lore so well! :)

      Praise the Omnissiah!
    3. Xicor
      i feel like it might be beneficial for you guys to do a sweep of the forum thread for AMAs, pick the questions you like and then ask for clarification on the questions by the author. one question that i think you guys misunderstood was the one about the price of factions, stating that the game comes with all four factions, when the author obviously meant the new ones that come out after the game is released.
    4. Piece0f
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    5. WarlordKoffe
      Hey, Steven! as you're the only one of the devs that I've seen doing videos *cough* Dark Heresy still waiting *cough*. Anyway what I want to ask is that the Ork designer maybe want some ideas for the orks if not that's cool. Here is the link and that's all. Now go and make wonders... or Totalbiscuit will have you jet-packed into the eye of terror.
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    6. Nunzio
      Hey Just Wanted to Say thank you for all your hardwork for makeing a Dream Come True and Of Course Iam Speaking of the Game If you Could tell everyone at BE Thank you very very Mutch And when the Founders Pack Drops that I will Be giveing it My Full Support! Thank you.
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    7. Matsukovich
      Loved your video of dark heresy roleplay with Total biscuit and the other chaps!
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    8. Uriel1339
      Just saw the Tweet from Grigdusher regards some stuff you showed during your stream! AWESOME STUFF! Go Lumpkin! Go Lumpkin! (Though you will be always #3 on my fav game industry Employees list xD)
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      2. Uriel1339
        #1 is Miguel Caron ; #2 is Brent Ellison, #3 is you and #4 would be Shuhei Yoshida and #5 then would be Mark Cerny :P
        May 4, 2014
      3. StevenLumpkin
        I'll allow it.

        ... FOR NOW!
        May 4, 2014
      4. Uriel1339
        May 4, 2014
    9. Corphy
      steven you are the lead level designer that eternal crusade needs...but not the one...wait a second..
      maybe this one works

      you are the GM that warhammer 40k roleplay wants..but--GODDAMNIT
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