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Aug 2, 2020
Mar 25, 2014
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Serg (Serg)

First Blood!

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Aug 2, 2020
    1. Lord_Zial_Ghoul
      Hello Serg. As the leader of the newly formed Thousand Sons guild, I'd like to invite you, as long with any member of the Scions of Necrontyr to join us as we fight for the Crimson King on Arkhona. This invitation will remain open if ever you decide to join, and after if you change your mind or reject. Cheers m8
      1. Lord_Zial_Ghoul
        Due to each founder having 4 Characters I hope you decide to join us with one of them. if not that's perfectly acceptable. Hope to see you around in the forums. :)
        Aug 5, 2015
      2. Serg
        I want to play Khorne berserker when god marks will be available. So I decline your invitation.
        Aug 9, 2015
    2. GundamNeonExDeus
      HEY BROS, i really like xeno science...


      *maniacal laughter
    3. Lord_Zial_Ghoul
      Welcome :) Glad you could join us!
      1. Serg
        Thx :)
        Jun 8, 2015
    4. Xanxas
      Greetings My kinsman! I bring you saltaions from solemnace, and hope you enjoy this crusade of reclamation and reking spess elves
      1. E-50_Panzer and Serg like this.
      2. E-50_Panzer
        I myself do not enjoy recking spess elves.... but it is a necessary procedure.
        May 27, 2015
    5. ZceeNook
      Its true. Its another.

      Welcome. Hope you find your way around this place.
      1. E-50_Panzer likes this.
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      3. ZceeNook
        Some remains dormant as of yet.

        I just had the benefit of time.

        in but a blink of an eye you will too.
        May 21, 2015
      4. Xanxas
        Too true. As the days march on, we continue to rise.
        May 21, 2015
      5. E-50_Panzer
        Zcee Nook sees all.
        May 27, 2015
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