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May 30, 2017
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Pouncey (Pouncey)

Subordinate, from Canada

(None) Mar 23, 2017

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May 30, 2017
    1. Captain-Bonecold
      All furries should join chaos.
    2. JimFireston
      hey there a little while back you had posted something that made me feel like you had been having some trouble or were troubled, as well as some posts about social anxiety.

      I hope life is looking up and that things have gotten better for you. In a world where everyone is waiting for their turn to speak if you ever have need to talk to anyone I would gladly listen.
    3. Rokdakgut-rippa
      "I know whether we have souls or not."

      "Why do you assume that I found proof that souls exist? "

      which is it buddy....which is it...
      1. Calistian_Zathos likes this.
    4. Naurgalen
      I don't want to make more off-topics so Ill respond here: I don't see the problem on people disliking you (or me for the case) if they don't disrespect you... most times fixing that needs time and effort on both parts, 2 things most people would never give to someone they don't know/care. On the other case, in a forum you can ignore or report them depending on what they said, 95% of the times it solves the problem.
    5. IdranelLives
      Saw your contributions to the campaign thread.
      I am impressed; thanks for saying as much. Especially about the preeminence of Space Marines in everything 40k. Even the sole Eldar focused series ends with a major craftworld only being spared by the "nobility" of it's SM attackers. It's positively surreal to imagine anyone refusing to notice this.
      1. IdranelLives
        And I agree about the purpose and timing of campaigns. Namco-Bandai is picking up part of the check and I doubt they're forgiving about investments that fail to demonstrate viability.
        Feb 19, 2017
    6. Urtuah-Jibblies
      I'd go for option A and buy yourself a better monitor with the difference. I have a i5 6600k running a stable overclock at 4.3ghz and ec never takes it over 60% usage. My main bottleneck is my gpu, but I'm running a r9 380 which is a piece of crap. The 6600k with a 1070 should be able to run the game on a 2k monitor I'd have thought
    7. Piaras
      Your avatar is giving us Slaanesh eyes...
      1. Pouncey
        I don't think you want to see the complete picture... There is no clothing involved.
        Sep 26, 2016
      2. Piaras
        Furries/scalies don't scare me. :P
        Sep 26, 2016
    8. marculario
      ... Huh, I seem to be following you. Odd.
      I don't seem to recall when that happened.
    9. Balgias
      There's a dragon in our midst! Quick tie it down and do things to it.
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