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Nov 15, 2017 at 12:53 PM
Jan 5, 2015
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Senior Producer and troublemaker

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Nathan Richardsson (Oveur)

Senior Producer, from Montreal

Hey, I can has a status message! Apr 8, 2015

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Nov 15, 2017 at 12:53 PM
    1. DiscoJacen
      It's too bad you had to remove those 4/5 paragraphs.
      That's a lot of effort for nothing.
      1. Oveur
        Don't really know. You have far more time on your hands tracking me down on all media and you know everything so you would probably know better than me. Who am I to say, you're the expert. Hope you're well and have great goals for your life.
        Nov 6, 2016
      2. DiscoJacen
        That bad uh.
        Nov 6, 2016
    2. Davian_Thule
      Hey man,
      You and your team keep up the great work.

      We at the Mad Nomads early await the Campaigns, and what's to follow from there.
    3. Esterioth
      Hello, I'd like to see more love in this community.
      1. DiscoJacen likes this.
    4. JojoKasei
      Hey Nathan,
      While I am not entirely happy with the game at the moment, I will support it (and you) until the end, in the hope that helps keeping it alive so that it can become what we all wish it to become.
      Don't give up. You can make it.
      1. Oveur
        I'm not happy either, but will be one day :)
        Nov 2, 2016
      1. Oveur
        Already seen it :)
        Nov 2, 2016
    5. FaintlyLucky
      Sorry to bug you on your profile page, sir. You/the Team mentioned shortly after launch that you guys were looking into infrastructure issues, but I haven't seen or heard word one about it since then.

      Curious as to whether you guys ever found anything or if the process is still on-going, etc.
      1. Oveur
        I think I've mentioned it quite a few times in Steam news. We have a devops team whose job it is to work on infrastructure.
        Nov 2, 2016
      2. FaintlyLucky
        Yes sir, you certainly have made such comments. It could be that I missed it, but I don't recall ever reading or seeing (on twitch) anything that would concretely indicate (to me) that your team had ruled out the infrastructure as the cause of any issues, so it concerned me.
        Nov 2, 2016
    6. Orsus
      I know you are all busy there especially today. However could you look into you Customer Support section, they are working really slow for a lot of players.
      1. GeorgePhillips
        Its not there fault their mostly Canadians.
        Oct 13, 2016
    7. BlinD
    8. Hris
      Sorry to bother, but I need to ask a question: will the Champion's Shoulder Pad and Relic Armour Mark II will come later, or the RTP will be returned.
      There was also a topic about this in "Ask the Team" subsection > MK2 Chest and Champion Shoulders, and several others where people are asking about their faction armors.
      I ask this because I saw a MK3 armor in the shop.
      Thank you and I hope you find the time to reply.
      1. Hris
        If I missed the answer or any information about this on Twitch or other section of the forum, my bad, but I searched very thoroughly for an official answer, or something pointing in that direction.
        I don't have much RTP to invest in character customization, and I would like to know if those will be made available before I purchase cosmetic gear.
        Oct 9, 2016
    9. Davian_Thule
      Hey Nathan,

      Quick question about the 'Account Names' for the Guild Banners.

      Are you after the:

      - Login ID
      - Display Name
      - Nickname


      - Character ID?

      As it is a little bit confusing to decipher.

      Thanks man
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