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Mar 15, 2018 at 7:58 AM
Jan 5, 2015
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Senior Producer and troublemaker

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Nathan Richardsson (Oveur)

Senior Producer, from Montreal

Hey, I can has a status message! Apr 8, 2015

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Mar 15, 2018 at 7:58 AM
    1. Katzu_HSM
      Heya Nathan. I just want to say I appreciate the work you and the team do for this game. I hope Behavior sees the promise in this game and gets back to taking the risks needed to really make this awesome.
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    2. Catnium
      All these people .. asking all these questions . and i'm just here wondering what's up with that golden buttuc ?!?!<--?
      1. Oveur likes this.
    3. omarx
      hi nathan , why terminator not your high priority right now ? you could tell to noah to focus on them and make some mocap will be good too , also its part of basic content in the game too
    4. hotpocketpotatopants
      You ever going to get some standards for those servers, bud? Do you think lag exploiters are cool or something? Do you really think we like bullet sponge, two shotting, teleporters playing a thousand miles outside their region? You want to get some quality there, bud?
    5. Boahwaji
      I love you. I have always loved you, but I have come to discuss if there are any plans in the works for servers closer to Australia? Playing with 250-300 ping is an experience of pain and suffering. Suffering I have endured but can't endure no longer! A bat can only take so much pain.

      With love, Bat.
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      2. MiljewJR
        I feel you bat
        Apr 21, 2017
    6. RufusZane
      Hello, how can you comment one fractional buffs right now? I see pretty many people who dislike it, maybe it's part of some big plan?
      1. RufusZane
        Ok, after twitch I want to ask something else. Sorceror\warlock\dok main ranged weapon, when?
        Mar 24, 2017
    7. DrDooManiC
      You know what i always wondered?
      What is depicted on your profile-pic? ^^
      1. Oveur likes this.
      2. Oveur
        Well, that would be me at my friends birthday party. The theme was spandex.
        Mar 22, 2017
      3. DrDooManiC
        Okay xD
        At least now i know those are indeed 2 legs in tight clothing
        Mar 22, 2017
    8. ivke89
      Hello Nathan, I just wanted to tell you it might be very useful for you to take a look at the game Planetside 2. Although its FPS it has 80% of things that are being asked by players here on forum.
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      2. Oveur
        Yes, I'm very familiar with Planetside and everybody else here, in fact their lead designer and I used to work together.
        Mar 22, 2017
    9. Urtuah-Jibblies
      Just checking you're aware zendesk is down.
      1. Oveur likes this.
      2. BrotherDamnatus
        Feb 15, 2017
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