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Jun 5, 2017
Oct 17, 2013
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Studio Head Behaviour Online

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Miguel Caron (MiguelCaron)

CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer), from Europe

Missing my brother Devs and Brother Crusaders!!! :-( Oct 10, 2016

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Jun 5, 2017
    1. Henribar
      Hey Miguel! When the early access will be release, i want to do a duel against you!

      Fight me if you're a real Ork! ;)
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    2. Baronskuff
      Yo Boss, et merci pour le forum en fr ;)
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      2. Henribar
        Urk urk, merci beaucoup Miguel. Waaaaagh!
        Nov 20, 2014
    3. Golokopitenko
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    4. Sorcerer_raptora
      Will say this Amazing job you guys are doing on this project from the updates ive been seeing it looks awesome-sauceness Keep it up :D will be getting my Sargent pack shortly.

      Tzeentch is please with your progress
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    5. CptRedbeard
      Hi Miguel, woke up this morning (already Saturday in Australia) and saw the awesome update for the Pioneer Pack, but no knew weekly weapon in the store. Nearly got very disappointed, but then I check and their is still time (it still being something like 6 in Canadia). I shall be patient. :)
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      2. larrs
        well just saying but with the ork pack that is three new items in the store. I know it sucks for the other races but I am sure we will get some today :D
        Nov 7, 2014
    6. ulfhednir
      Just an idea, could we add items that give benefits to squad mates within a certain range ie
      Wolf Cloaks and faction comparable items ie golden chalice (BA) items that give squad mates within a set range increased attack speed.
      This will also help enforce squad coherency as squad mates will stay closer to receive benefits like on the table top?
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    7. GreenMace
      A long time ago, in june, you said that the seargent pack would get both the emblems and the banners. What happened to that change?
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    8. Vor
      Is it true that only 50 people will be allowed to play in the pre alpha? I was asking about when I'd get to play as I bought a captain pack and I was told on the forums to not worry about it because "only about fifty" of the first founders will get to play.
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    9. renato8881
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    10. Storm49nat
      Hey Miguel
      There will be some kinds of events?
      Like, for the release, an event on The Horus Heresy, with the Battle of Terra...

      And is the loot going to have a name? Like for a Chaos Bolter : "Dammed Bolter" with a nice description
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    Studio Head Behaviour Online
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    Miguel Caron
    As Head of Studio at Behaviour Interactive, Migüel Caron oversees the performance and growth of the Online studio and spearheads the production of original and well known online games such as Star Citizen and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade in order drive scalable growth for Behaviour.
    Miguel is Results-driven sales, marketing, financial and operations executive with over 15 years of organizational leadership experience. As CEO, he consistently drove profitable double digit growth for companies like Lyrtech, NoWire Telecom and BCM International. More recently, he was the CEO at Funcom Games Canada where he founded the studio and grew it to 250 employees in less than 2 years while launching 3 MMOs.

    Migüel as studied at the Royal Military College of Canada in Polemology with specialization of Social Studies of War and Military strategy. Migüel’s result awarded him Best young Québec CEO of the year and finalist for best Québec Tech CEO of the year.


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