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Jun 5, 2017
Oct 17, 2013
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Studio Head Behaviour Online

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Miguel Caron (MiguelCaron)

CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer), from Europe

Missing my brother Devs and Brother Crusaders!!! :-( Oct 10, 2016

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Jun 5, 2017
    1. Baronskuff
      Bonne chance pour tes futurs projets camarade !
      Tu restes quand même proche, alors passe nous voir de temps a autres, fera plaisir aux membres.
      Merci pour toutes tes initiatives concernant EC et le lancement du jeu !

      Je pense que tous ici comme moi somme attristé par cette nouvelle.........

      Et a bientôt sur Fb ;)
      1. MiguelCaron and Henribar like this.
    2. Vae
      Thank you Miguel for all that you have done, see you on the battlefield brother.
      1. MiguelCaron, Henribar and Pavlovich like this.
    3. Valrak
      Farewell, brother!
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    4. High_Adept_Zeth
      What manner of tech-heresy is this?A self-respecting Enginseer does not leave his project unfinished! :(
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    5. Dark-Knight
      Goodnight sweet prince ;_;
      1. Nunzio and SwoopingHawk like this.
    6. Jolojose
      We'll miss you!!
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    7. Nunzio
      Its a Shame to see you go Miguel you have left a Big impact on us and you will be missed alot. But i would also like to wish you well in whatever you do. I just wish you could atleast stay and see the game done and launched before you go....Anyway Farewell
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    8. Sheparan
      i cant see the twich intevew :( but i can see the videos and soo nice :D
      i love the part u say " videogames is art" , soo true history
      keep going <3
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    9. Barr
      Hey Miguel!

      Great twitch today, please pass my compliments onto the team, I wish you and all your staff a very happy xmas and a very proseperous new year
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
    10. Kamikazzijoe
      One thing to point out to exasperated "why did i buy early if there is a sale" founders is that they got in ahead on the first come first serve line.
      1. MiguelCaron likes this.
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    Studio Head Behaviour Online
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    Miguel Caron
    As Head of Studio at Behaviour Interactive, Migüel Caron oversees the performance and growth of the Online studio and spearheads the production of original and well known online games such as Star Citizen and Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade in order drive scalable growth for Behaviour.
    Miguel is Results-driven sales, marketing, financial and operations executive with over 15 years of organizational leadership experience. As CEO, he consistently drove profitable double digit growth for companies like Lyrtech, NoWire Telecom and BCM International. More recently, he was the CEO at Funcom Games Canada where he founded the studio and grew it to 250 employees in less than 2 years while launching 3 MMOs.

    Migüel as studied at the Royal Military College of Canada in Polemology with specialization of Social Studies of War and Military strategy. Migüel’s result awarded him Best young Québec CEO of the year and finalist for best Québec Tech CEO of the year.


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