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Oct 27, 2016
Jan 23, 2016
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Effregy (Kerras)

Arkhona Vanguard

Eldar level depressed over loss of family. Feb 4, 2016

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Oct 27, 2016
    1. Abatos
      Do you like Slugbox?
      1. Kerras
        Yeah his stuff makes me giggle. This avatar is from him. Witch I now notice did not save to my sig >.<
        Feb 13, 2016
    2. Kerras
      Eldar level depressed over loss of family.
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      2. Kerras
        Dev melee - although its a bit absurd they can even melee - this class can also clang forever and has melee power attack thats nearly as slow as powerfist.

        Weapon I'm looking forward to the most = Lightning Claws - but then they're prob going to make it as slow as powerfist just to piss me off
        Feb 15, 2016
      3. Blackhound
        Months late to the conversation, but Blood Angels Devastators have historically had rules that force them to roll to avoid dropping their guns and rushing berserk into melee with the rest of the Chapter. They should give CCWs to both BA Devastators and Space Wolves Long Fangs as they're not Codex and place only experienced veterans in those positions.
        Sep 22, 2016
      4. Kerras
        It doesn't bother me as much since they nerfed dbash spam. -- Funny thing though - I really tried to play Blood Angels over Ultramarines - but red/black/yellow -- does not beat - blue/gold/white IMHO
        Sep 22, 2016
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