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Mar 6, 2018
Jun 6, 2014
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September 7
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Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive
Community Manager (@Katie_Fleming)

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Katie Fleming (KatieFleming)

Former Community Manager, from Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive

(None) Jun 6, 2014

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Mar 6, 2018
    1. Namroth
      Hey Katie.

      2014-07-02 I bought an aditional character slot, however I still only have access to 4 characters(?)
      It seems you owe me a character slot more or my money back(?)!!

      My guess is you simply forgot to add the extra slots for those of us that bought this upgrade.
      1. GeorgePhillips
        Yud be betta off askn Gork or Mork for der money because dey are in dis games development too.
        Oct 6, 2016
    2. Kurtz
      Ketie, answer me in the conversation 'stolen tag' plz. 200 people are waiting for you to solve this problem.
      1. GeorgePhillips
        I wasnt der and I dont think I eva cared soundz like oomie troublez.
        Oct 6, 2016
    3. Lord_Stendor
      I wanted to ask about the reserved character names. I had them on my Players tab reserved for over a year. Now that you deleted the character tab (and reserved our names) I cant find them to name my characters with the reserved names. Is there a way to find out what names I used. Before you laugh (as you absolutely should do) my excuse is that I tried to reserve names that match the chapter. Thanks
    4. Hris
      Hello. Sorry to bother, but I need to ask a little question: will the Champion's Shoulder Pad and Relic Armour Mark II will come later, or the RTP will be returned.
      There was also a topic about this matter in "Ask the Team" subsection ---> MK2 Chest and Champion Shoulders.
      I ask this because I saw a MK3 armor in the shop. Thank you and I hope you fin the time to reply.
    5. Lord_Zial_Ghoul
      If an account has characters of the same faction or other factions in different guilds each, what will happen?
    6. Gboon
      Katie, I have a question about the "We will exclude accounts present in more than one guild" part : Does that apply for non-same faction guilds? Like if I'm in an Ork guild and a Chaos guild, will they be excluded from the tallying?
    7. Davian_Thule
      Hey Katie,

      Quick question about the 'Account Names' for the Guild Banners.

      Are you after the:

      - Login ID
      - Display Name
      - Nickname


      - Character ID?

      As we have a lot of members, and would take forever to gather all those pieces of information.

      Thank you!
    8. OptimusMaximus
      Hallo Katie i got a huge issue currently somebody is using my name again and posting quite a lot of bullshit in the game quite a lot of false claims and quite a lot of racist stuff here a screenshot i received from another vm member as prove
    9. Dragothor
      Hi, me to have 1 problem. i buy this sh..t game. what doing now? Really, last patch absolutly shit. lag, unblanaced class, etc. where find email for send my letter whit bugglist and idea? Thx
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    September 7
    Home Page:
    Montreal, at Behaviour Interactive
    Community Manager (@Katie_Fleming)
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    Katie Fleming