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Apr 29, 2017
Oct 20, 2013
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Kane101 (Kane101)

Prefectus, from Baal

Sent you a link on our page bergilio on how to join or click this Apr 28, 2017

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Apr 29, 2017
    1. Kabutomushi
      Howdy, are the PG currently recruiting?
    2. Kane101
    3. Bergilio
      Looking forward to joining PG!
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    4. Alistairs
      Hello Brother Kane, i'm Brother Captain Titus of Ultramarines, Avenging Sons Chapter, 1st company. I wish to speak with you about an important things regarding me and my Chapter. If you have time, call me on Steam. Here is the link of mine Steam account

      Best regards, in the name of Ultramar and the Emperor.
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    5. Cpattom
      Steam:CpatTom @Cpattom, Terminal Recruit reporting for duty. Kane for Warmaster!
    6. Algernon
      Brother Kane, Ive heard from Ragnar of VI that your having an allied Astarte's meeting on your ts3 tomorrow. Please PM me with the details and Strikeforce Ultra will be there.
    7. Kane101
      For the Blood Angels for sanguinius and for the emperor.
    8. Aka
      Mind the double posts please.
    9. NocturneOfSolace
      Hey, why on earth does everyone hate PG so much, everything I've seen from you guys only leads me to believe that you're all friendly, respectful, and great guys, I have not seen one negative thing from you guys.(And this is coming from a heretic!)
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    10. Aka We accept ambassador accounts for collaboration purposes. Once our EC section goes live, we could even do training sessions with other clans <cough></cough>. We can't say that we will be SM because it's not set in stone yet, but yea...

      I won't be your contact, Evans will... just letting you know, if you are interested. :)
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      2. Kane101
        Sounds good i know Evans has been on the team speak gaming with us on EC and arma so it's been a blast already, can't wait to fight along side BWC on the frontlines.
        Jan 13, 2016
      3. Aka
        Yea, every time I see PG peeps playing, I'm like: "o good, finally somebody that knows what they are doing..." Also I love the PG tea. :D
        Jan 13, 2016
      4. Kane101
        It's also good to see other planet side 2 outfits that are going to have a leg up and have real experience on how this open world is going to be like. Specially the mass scale battles.
        Jan 13, 2016
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    If Interested in Joining PG click this link
    Click on the link and register on the forum to apply.​


    Preatorian Guard
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    Played 40k games since first dawn of war, I lead an outfit on planet side 2 called Praetorian Guard and going to be assaulting the fields in eternal crusade with Praetorian Guard as the Adepts Astarte's