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May 25, 2018
Oct 24, 2013
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Hyperius (Hyperius)


(None) Jul 5, 2015

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May 25, 2018
    1. Helldryn
      Hail Hyperius, I added you on Steam by now. My name is Silas Mann ( Helldryn Fylrus)
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    2. Kabutomushi
      My Steam is Kantvs. Add me if you'd like.
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      2. Hyperius
        I have done so! We shall speak soon!
        Apr 22, 2017
    3. Strigi
      Hey I added you on steam! Strigi
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      2. Hyperius
    4. Lifehater
      Friend invite sent via steam
      1. Hyperius
        Didn't get it mate. [THoA] Hyperius right?
        Jan 28, 2017
    5. ShrikeStrike
      Greetings Brother Hyperius, I am interested in and would be honored to fight by your side in this conflict. (sent a friend invite via steam)
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    6. Kayvaan
      Brother Hyperius, I KayVaan of the Imperial Fist chapter have request to join you in the purging or Xenos and heretics.

      Steam name TheMightyPanda
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    7. Anduin-Kayvaan
      Brother Hyperius, shall you allow me to begin leading training sessions with our fellow battle brothers? I have a few ta tics in mind to test out and it is time for our brothers to begin preparations.

      Techmarine, Anduin Kayvaan of the Imperial Fists 3rd company.
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      2. Hyperius
        Vox. me on steam and we will discuss this further, loyal brother.
        Apr 9, 2016
    8. Savage
      Hail Hyperius. It's good too find another SM guild starting up. I wish you all the bets with it and look forward to facing off against you and the other loyalist guilds in EC. You shall see plenty of the Sons of Lorgar on the servers as well.
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      2. Hyperius
        The Mark of Calth still counts, traitor.
        Apr 8, 2016
    9. Anduin-Kayvaan
      Commander Hyperius, I have been sent by the Captain of the 4th Company of the Imperial Fists to aid in this conflict. I bring with me a holy tank of the Emperor. "Tonitrua" a Predator class tank of the Imperial Fists, she has seen many campaigns and has been my home through many decades.
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    10. LuciusVanditorri
      Hail Commander Hyperius,
      Just checking up how the crusade is going on. Has the hammer of Arkhona deployed or are we still on hold for now?
      Just to mention I am still meditating on Holy Terra.
      Vox channel a bit odd over here though. Ha!
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      2. Hyperius
        Good to hear from you brother. Master Belial has not yet seen fit to deploy us, but it can't be long now. Some say two weeks at most.
        Sep 7, 2015
      3. LuciusVanditorri
        Very well Commander.
        It looks I will be with the deployment with my battle brothers after all.
        Praise the Emperor.
        Sep 8, 2015
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